Alu Postor Bora

Sweet and crunchy fried potato balls made with poppy seeds and coconut. Usually taken as an accompaniment with Dal and Rice , it goes equally well as a summer snacks.

  1. Poppy seeds...3 tbsp
  2. Potato... 2 , boiled and mashed
  3. Coconut ... 3 tbsp , grated
  4. Corn flour ... 1 tbsp , for the bind
  5. All purpose flour ... 1 tbsp , for the bind
  6. Salt... to taste
  7. Oil ... for frying
  8. ... makes about 10 to 12 boras or balls
  1. Mash the potato , mix with 2 tbsp poppy seed, corn flour, all purpose flour ,coconut ,salt to taste and make tiny balls.
  2. Roll the balls into 1 tbsp of poppy seeds spread on a tray and deep fry till lightly brown.
  3. Remove onto paper towels and serve crisp and crunchy.