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    Aloo Posto Bora

    Sweet and crunchy fried potato balls made with poppy seeds and coconut. Usually taken as an accompaniment with Dal and Rice , it goes equally well as a summer snack.

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    American Chopsuey

    In this recipe noodles are fried golden crisp and dipped in vegetables cooked in a tangy sauce.Classic American Chop Suey is a pasta dish of macaroni , onion , ground beef cooked in thick sauce. This recipe is Indo Chinese variation with vegetable cooked in Chinese sauce.

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    Amrar Chutney

    Amra , a common fruit of Bangladesh , has a sour taste and is loaded with vitamin C. Cooked in sugar and salt , this makes a sweet and sour chutney ideal to beat your hot summer days.

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    Anaroser Chutney

    Pineapple and coconut cooked in thin sugar syrup , this is a sweet savory chutney enhanced by pineapple flavors.Raw pineapple is a good source of manganese and off course vitamin C.

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    Apple Pie

    This is a humble all time recipe of Apple Pie made from scratch. The crunchy and flaky pie crust baked with melted apples gives apple pies its unique taste. Sometimes finished pie is served with a bit of cheese or topped with ice-cream.