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    Apple Plastic Chutney

    This sweet chutney looks like crystals and needs very few ingredients to get cooked .This recipe has been very popular in every Bengali household during summer . Usually , a plastic chutney is cooked with raw papaya as its main ingredient , this recipe is its savory apple variation.

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    Banana Custard with Hot Chocolate

    This simple chilled banana custard can enjoyed of its own or can be made heavenly with the simple addition of hot melted chocolates.The opposites of hot chocolate in chilled banana custard make it creamy and crunchy.

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    Bhuna Khicudi

    In this preparation Rice and Dal is roasted in ghee , hence the name 'bhuna' , and cooked in aromatic spices usually as an offering during pujas as 'bhog' or prasad.A must during festive season ,this khicudi is a richer version of normal khichudi and is known to be favorite of Swami Vivekananda.

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    Borbotir Chor Chori

    Runner beans or string beans , a summer vegetable , cooked with mild spices is a light vegetable recipe good for summer days.When you plan to eat simple and eat light , this is one recipe which is easy on stomach and goes great with simple steamed rice and moong dal.

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    Chal Kumro Pur Bhaja

    Winter melon or ash gourd , stuffed with coconut ,spices and fried golden crisp can be enjoyed of its own or can be taken with rice as a starter in a (typically Bengali) main course.